Foot Massage

Foot pain is a common problem.  Many of us walk through life on feet so sore or strained that it impedes perfectly normal activity like shopping or walking the dog or taking our grandchildren to the park.  You might be amazed at how much a good foot massage can improve your life.

Full Body Massage

Vigorous activity, heavy workloads, stressful days, a posture that once posed no problem is now uncomfortable.  Massage therapy relieves muscle pain, improves flexibility, and can help you heal.

Couples Massage

We’ve furnished a private room with two tables for full body massage.  Relax with your partner in a calming, soothing environment.

Since 1993

Our Home

Jade Asian Massage is located in Bend, Oregon just west of NE 3rd Street at Hawthorn Ave.  We have plenty of off-street parking.

Jade Exterior

Improve your life...

Massage therapy is an essential part of a Central Oregon lifestyle.  Soreness, stiffness and immobility can all be alleviated by a professional licensed massage therapist.  Call for an appointment or just stop by if you are on your way down from the mountain or if you’re headed home from a long and physical work day.  We can focus on what hurts and get you back on track for another day.